Brother 2040 Toner Light Stuck

 After changing a toner cartridge and drum, a user’s printer would no longer print, and the Toner light was staying on.  The following procedure fixed it.

  1. Turn the unit off.
  2. Open the front cover.
  3. Hold the Go button while turning the unit back on.
  4. When all the LEDs come on, release Go, then press Go twice.
  5. When all the LEDs come on a 2nd time, press Go 5 times.
  6. Once the Ready light comes on, close the front cover.
phil miller

I could not be happier. For two days of frustration and then I find this wonderful solution. I’d buy you a beer if I could. It would have to be a Miller, but, it worked! Wahoo! phil


Oh wow, that is the coolest thing ever, I had 3 days of frustration, about ready to pitch the dang thing, then I tried this & boom I’m back in business!!! Thank You


Thanks a lot man,I have been fighting my printer for over a month and this method worked perfectly.You just saved my life 🙂


how about brother hl-2035 ?

my one used to be working even after I refill the toner.. however after around 200pages printing, the toner light on.. and it stuck and not printing anything now..
I just got this printer for 3 months only..


I cannt believe that I could fix a printer.. I was thinking to buy a new one..
THANKS X 20000000000000 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve tried this, and it works for a few pages, but then the stinkin’ toner light comes back on. I tried re-setting the toner cartridge as well, but no luck. Anyone know of other alternatives? After searching the web quite a bit, I only get this one option. My pages are still printing out fine, so I don’t know why the printer refuses to let me print more.


I tried this on my HL-2040 and it did not work. So I place tape over the toner sensor holes (on both sides of the cartridge) and so far its working. My understanding is that some toner cartridges are actually defective and that is why, for them, the sensor holes need to be covered.


This has worked for me, after swapping new toner for new toner and getting angry. I can not thank you enough 🙂

Very very happy lady.


Thank you very much! It worked like a charm with a HL 2035 here, too. This is just a redundant comment, because it was already confirmed, but I was so impressed, I wanted to leave a message. Cheers.


Just had to say thanks to Smashtech for this thread! Worked a treat with my HL-2035, on the second go … if at first u don’t succeed, read the post again and follow the guidelines, or something like that! Thanks ST, Walts.


I tried the fix for toner light stuck, but now unit will not print. Green light stays on and fan runs all the time.
Tried factory reset, still the same. Will not print.