Convert Maildir to mbox with 1 line

Need to convert your Maildir structure into a single mbox format file, perhaps so you can easily dump it into Thunderbird?  Use the handy command formail that comes with procmail:

for i in new/* cur/*;do formail <“$i” >> ../mbox;done

Run this command from from the top of your Maildir (usually ~/Maildir), and you’ll find a file called mbox in the parent directory once it is finished.

Want to import that new mbox file into your Thunderbird profile?  Open up Thunderbird, right-click the Local Folders item, choose Properties, and look for the location of the Local Folders directory in your filesystem.  Now, copy that mbox file to that directory, then close and reopen Thunderbird.

Fix for Container Configuration Data Error in Archive Attender

When opening the Archive Attender console or trying to pull up the Users section, you may get an error that says:

Error getting the list of containers: Unable to load container configuration data: System.InvalidOperationException

Followed by a large amount of .Net XML errors.  This error means that one of your container configuration files has become corrupt.  These files can be found in the Service\Users folder of your Archive Attender install folder.  Look for any files which are extremely small (less than a couple hundred bytes), and delete them or move them out of that folder.

The XML files contain the definitions for any user groups you have defined. When you delete the XML file for a group, users will be moved to the [Default] group on the next user scan. If the file you deleted contains the [Default] group definition, it will be recreated the next time you open the console.

Xbox 360 NXE Update

I was lucky enough to get in on the pre-release of the New Xbox Experience last night, even if it is only less than a week early.  Overlooking the fact that the new avatar system is a blantant rip-off of Miis, it is still the best update to come out for the 360 yet.  Read on for my review or just jump right to the pictures.

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Digital Fossil – ScriptUO

It’s funny how some files seem to follow you around without ever realizing it. You wouldn’t think twice about finding a photo over 10 years old, but somehow, finding a program I wrote over 10 years ago (11 I believe) is surprising.  Yes, I speak of course, of ScriptUO.

Back in the early days of UO, before samurai-land, Trammel, or even T2A. When UOAssist wasn’t around.  I put together a crude macroing program in VB6, and it worked great for the longest time.  I admit, it was also used for convincing the AllAdvantage toolbar that someone was at the PC (with a file called Microsoft Internet Explorer.txt open in Notepad).

Now you too can experience all the action of…macroing.  This file has survived easily a half dozen complete system formats and rebuilds, and refuses to die.  It does, however, refuse to run under 64-bit Vista (big surprise).

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Politicizing Halloween

As if putting up with the religious nutjobs that decry Halloween as a ‘devils night’ and ‘evil’ every year wasn’t fun enough, now politics has gotten involved.

A Grosse Pointe Farms woman refused to hand out candy to children of Obama supporters.  A sign in her yard stated “No handouts for Obama supporters, liars, tricksters or kids of supporters.”  How is a kid supposed to react to that? Crying and calling the lady mean, thats how. Way to get support for your cause lady, by making kids who can’t vote cry and bringing negative publicity to your candidate’s campaign. I did get a kick out of the guy who drew the peace sign on his ‘Obama 4 Peace’ sign wrong though.

I actually got a handout during trick-or-treating hours Friday night. A girl handed me a post card with a piece of candy on it. The card was about only buying ‘Fair Trade Certified’ chocolate, which apparently doesn’t use child labor (except for handing out the pamphlets).  If you go to the campaign’s site (which I won’t repeat here), you’ll find their other causes are war protests, world trade organization protests, and tours of Cuba and various third-world countries.

Thanks for the free chocolate, guys. But it still doesn’t hold a candle to a good old capitalism-powered Hershey’s bar.

Replacing the Washer Reservoir on a 99 Durango

If you ever need to replace the tank or pump on your Durango, here’s how to disconnect and remove it.

Disconnect the negative lead from the battery.  You’ll need to remove the air filter housing.  It’s held on with 2 bolts, one on a bracket on the passenger-side fender, and another inside the housing in a rubber shroud.  The one in the housing is a captive bolt, and shouldn’t be removed.

This will let you access the bolts holding the tank in place.  First, disconnect the low fluid sensor from the side of the tank.  Next, remove the 2 bolts on the top of the tank (they may be hidden under a wire bundle), and the 1 bolt on the inside of the wheel well.

The pump is located at the back of the tank, and has a power/control lead, and a tube leading up to the sprayers.  Removing the tube will leak washer fluid, but not much.  Remove the power lead from the pump, and you can pull the entire tank free.

Drain the remaining washer fluid into a container to refill it later. To remove the pump, turn it 1/4 turn counterclockwise, and pull it out.  To reinstall the new pump and tank, reverse the process.

Using PrintUI.dll to Redirect a Printer

You can use PrintUI.dll from a command line to manage and change printer settings. The most common place I use it is in a scheduled task to redirect print jobs. 

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /Xs /n “Name” PortName “IP_192.168.3.1”

The /Xs tells it to set printer options, /n “Name” specifies the name of the printer as it appears in Windows, and PortName “IP_192.168.3.1” is specifiying the new port for the printer to use.  Setting the printer back to normal is as easy as changing the PortName to the original port.  You can put these commands in a batch file and set it as a scheduled task to redirect a primary printer when some other application will have dedicated access to it.

There are many more options and settings you can adjust with PrintUI, and you can get all the documentation on it from Microsoft.