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Replacing Faxmaker with Hylafax+

Faxmaker is an excellent product that I work with, but it is also expensive. When I ran into some issues with my Faxmaker server (I think it was more modem driver issues, but whatever), I decided to investigate other options instead of renewing/upgrading. That’s when I came across Hylafax+.

My workplace uses Faxmaker for 3 things: email-to-fax, fax-to-email, and PDF-to-fax. After some reading, Hylafax will do all of this as well, so I’m going to document the entire conversion process.

For now, I’m going to cover my initial setup of Hylafax to use a MultiTech MT5634 modem board to receive incoming faxes and send them to users as a PDF attachment.

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