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Fix for Yellow Picture Previews in Vista

If your pictures in Vista open with a heavy yellow (almost sepia) tint, here’s the fix.  Right-click the Desktop, choose Personalize.  Click Display Settings.  Click Advanced Settings.  Open Color Management.  Place a check in ‘Use my settings for this device’.  Under Profiles, remove any existing ICC or WCS profiles.  Then click Add, and choose ‘sRGB IEC61966-2.1’ from the list.  OK your way out of all the dialogs, then reboot.

If you have multiple profiles setup on your machine, you need to do this for each profile, or adjust the system default color profile (which is on that same screen, but will require admin privs).

First IA64 Windows Virus

(copied from my Slashdot posting)

W64.RugRat.3344 has been released as a proof of concept virus. It is the first virus which will only run on Windows on the IA64 platform, and uses APIs from 3 native DLLs to avoid crashing applications. It infects files that are in the same folder as the virus and in all subfolders. The author of the virus has also written other concept viruses* in the past.

* Corrected from virii, which people were nitpicking over on /.

Stupid Farking WinXP Installer

(I need a Rants topic icon)

Trying to install XP on a system. Very straightforward, boot from CD, format, install, done. Could it be that simple today?! NO! I boot from CD, start the install, it bluescreens. I swap some cards and RAM around, still get a BSOD on the install. Just for the hell of it, I start the install from within Windows (system had Win2K on it). It copies the start files, reboots, and complains it cant find the CD drive.

I swap CD drives, install still cant find it. I check the BIOS, yes, it shows up. I try booting from the CD, it does the initial setup, then says it cant find the CD drive. *curses* Finally got it working by setting the CD drive to primary slave on the same channel as the hard drive. Why this worked I have no idea. Now that XP is installed, the CD drive works fine in its old position of secondary master. *curses*