Serious Sam (PC)

Take some of the best graphics since Alice, throw in a lil Duke attitude, and all the frantic killing game style of Maximum Carnage and you get a pretty good idea of what Serious Sam is.

Heres the basic storyline: the future, Earth is invaded by aliens, you go back in time to the alien homeworld (which looks mysteriously like Egypt), and open a can on everything that moves. With me so far? Good, because now it gets interesting. Do these alien invaders have an organized army? Nope. How do they attack then? Simple – sheer numbers. Some games might have up to 100 enemies to kill but Sam has levels with over 400 enemies at a time (and thats on normal).

Another welcome addition is a score. After a few years of frags, FPH, pings and other FPS jargon, its good to see a game that rewards you for having an astronomically high score. As for multiplayer, you can choose from co-op (fun), fragmatch (killing), or scorematch (fight for highest score). I was able to hop into several games and play just fine with a ping of over 350 on my 56k.

Final opinion – buy this game. Its from Croteam, and pick it up wherever you can because its already sold out in most places.

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