X/1999 (VHS)

Earth is in a delicate balance, controlled by the dragons of Heaven and Earth. One boy, Kamui, can single-handedly decide the fate of the planet by siding with Heaven or Earth. As with most series like this, he of course, doesnt want to do either.

I recently purchased X the movie, based on CLAMPs manga X/1999. Another classic example of apolalyptic anime. The film itself is very well done and the English voice actors did an excellent job in this one.

X, like most Manga releases, does not skimp on the violence. Many times during the film viewers are treated to maiming, cuts, and drowning in blood. The scene of Kamuis mother giving birth to the sword in the beginning was particulary disturbing, and a real turn-off.

I have been following X/1999 the manga in Animerica Extra for about a year now, but this is a film that needs intense knowledge of the storys background. X newcomers will likely be lost in the first view times thru the film.

While I wont give away the ending, I will say that CLAMP has promised the ending in the manga version will be different than the movie version.

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