Wave Race: Blue Storm (GC)

I picked up Wave Race: Blue Storm for GameCube last night. So far, I am not impressed. Nintendo had a great opportunity to give some competition to Jet Moto and failed. Instead they released a mediocre game for a system that could do so much better.

The graphics and sound arent that great. They went a bit crazy with a water-ripple effect all over the menu screens (like the logo on this page) which gets annoying after a while. The water can look awkward sometimes on the watercraft, and none of the textures seem really detailed.

Controls are decent but hard to tweak to your liking. It seems that every rider takes corners too loose, or too tight. Collision detection, which was never a problem ever since the SNES, comes back with a vengance. You will find yourself cursing the game as you get stuck in a corner that you obviously could fit thru without a problem.

Races are run for 3 laps using a buoy system. Every 5 buoys you pass gets you a turbo boost. Miss one and you lose that saved boost. Miss 5 in any one race and you lose the entire series, which sucks at the higher difficulties because they add a lot more buoys but still limit you to missing 5.

Stunts are a pain to perform also. Sometimes you have to release the gas, sometimes hold B, other times not. Stunts dont feel as smooth as they are in Jet Moto or SSX Tricky.

So whats good about the game? The voice dubbing (which is pretty good, what little of it there is) and the multiplayer. Up to 4 players at once, and thats always a good thing (memories of Gauntlet Legends). Rent it before you buy it.

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