Woman Causes $128,300 in Parking Damages

(from Reuters)

“A German woman caused more than 100,000 euros ($128,300) of damage when an attempt to back out of her spot in a parking garage ended with her car on its roof and four other vehicles damaged, police said Monday.

Police said the woman reversed sharply out of her spot on the upper level of a multi-story parking in the southwestern town of Kirchen, writing off a parked Nissan and damaging a Mitsubishi next to it, police said.

She then accelerated forward, speeding through her original parking place and over a low protective wall — pitching her Audi some six meters (20 feet) down on to a lower level of the car park.

The car crashed on to a Renault, hit a Citroen and finally came to rest on its roof.

Police said the woman was treated in hospital but that her injuries were not life-threatening. “A blood test was taken after suspicions she was under medication,” a spokesman said.”

Let the woman driver jokes commence.

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