Lan Party Wrapup

Bryan won the Q3 Tournament. Bryan is a rail whore. 🙂

Well, ok, so you want a more in-depth wrapup. Fine, fine. All told, 12 people showed up – Me, Dave, Bryan, Stevie and his woman, Patrick, Bryan, Eric, Murry, Brandon, and Steve (P) and his woman.

The main focus of the lan was the Q3 Tournament. Read on for the results, or click here for pictures (warning – includes homosexual scene)

1. Bryan
2. Jim
3. Chris
4. Murry
5. Patrick
6. Brandon
7. Dave
8. Eric

Loot for winning was basically a random piece of hardware or computer related junk. Pretty much everyone threw in something, such as blank CD/DVDs, cabling, network cards, hard drives, etc. After the tournament, gaming switched to Diablo 2 and various random things.

There are no processor/memory/storage totals this time. Murry didnt do them.

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