Bully Gets Off, Girl told to Stay Home

(from the DenverChannel, parts 1 and 2)

A 13-year old middle school student with cerebal palsy was told to stay home and take summer classes after she was threatened with a knife and had her hair set on fire.

The knife was later found to be plastic. However, the bully did not face any penalties whatsoever until the local news broke the story. In fact, the school did not even take any witness statements or report the incident to the police until after the story made the news. Reports of violence at a school directly affect the schools rating in the state and can negatively affect state funding.

After the story became public, an investigation was conducted and the bully was disicplined. Also, the assistant principal who handled the issue will be replaced. The girl, however, is still out of school and will be attending summer classes.

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