Road Construction!!

I usually take Byron Center to Gezon to get to work. Byron started getting tore up in June to add a couple lanes and redo the sewer. The Kent County Road Commissions site says Byron will be closed from 64th to 76th until Oct. 30. Well, its actually tore up from 52nd to 76th, but thats alright, I can still take 52nd to work.

Fast forward to this week. Random blockages of the left turn lanes and heavy equipment all over. They are redoing parts of the road near manhole covers. Annoying, but I figure it will be done in a day or so. I started getting worried when they closed half of Byron Center this morning, so its only 1 lane in each direction. Again, annoying, but shouldnt take too long.

I get home tonight, and whatdya know, they’re resurfacing Byron Center from 44th to 52nd. Two of the lanes have been tore up in preparation for resurfacing. What does the Kent County Road Commission site say about this? Nothing. Bah! Phooey! I would’ve at least liked a warning!

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