Lights On After 15 Years

From CBS4 Miami –

“An elderly woman who had been living without power in her home due to hurricane damage was finally seeing the light Friday night, when power to her home was restored. What makes her story amazing is that the hurricane which put her in the dark was Andrew, almost 15 years ago, and she’s been living without power to her house since August 24, 1992.”

‘Norena’, as she goes by in the article, was without power after Andrew hit.  Her contractor didn’t finish the electrical wiring to code because the insurance money ran out.  Instead of asking for help from FEMA (back when it worked), the Red Cross, or even her neighbors, she decided to live for 15 years without electricity in her home.

The only electrically powered items in her house were a refridgerator and some lamps, powered via extension cord, but the article doesn’t say where.   If I was her neighbor, I might start asking when she was planning on getting the power back after the first month or so of her mooching.

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