The Internet is a Toaster

From the Daily Herald

House Concurrent Resolution 3 has been introduced in the House.  It wants to seperate the internet into ‘adult’ and ‘family friendly’ zones.  What it really boils down to is allowing/disallowing porn on certain ports.  For example, Port 80 (HTTP) would be family-friendly only, and port 3284 (or some other random port) would be for porn.

The CP80 Internet Channel Initiative is playing a part in the drafting of this legislation.  Matt Yarro of CP80 had this to say about people who don’t think this will work:

“There is this assumption that you can’t control it (the Internet),” Yarro said. “It’s a toaster, we made it, we can fix it. … We can solve the Internet pornography problem tomorrow if we decided to.”

So now instead of tubes, the internet is a toaster.  Great.  Thanks Matt.

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