Michigan Sending 80 Officials to Hawaii


Michigan is facing a $900 million shortage in the upcoming budget.  What is the best solution to this?  Obviously, we should send a bunch of people to Hawaii on the taxpayer’s dime to discuss how to invest pension money!

“Nearly 80 officials across Michigan – more than twice the number of any other state – plan to fly off to Hawaii this month for a weeklong conference on public pension issues. And taxpayer-backed pension funds will pay the tab.”

Now, using the numbers in that article, and assuming that taxpayer money will fund airfare, the hotel stay, conference fees, etc, and that all 80 delegates stay for the full week, that comes out to just over $460,000.

Why am I not surprised that Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is going on this trip?

Update – 3 officials have decided not to go on the trip at all.  16 members of the delegation will now be paying out of their own pocket for the trip, including Kilpatrick.  Michigan is still sending the largest delegation of any state in the country.

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