Amusing Knowledge Base Articles

Some of these seem like it was just someone who needed something to do and decided to write documentation.  Others seem like it was some developer doing the writing, and not some QA person. 

Microsoft KB172653 – “Barney Starts Playing Peekaboo on His Own”
“This occurs because Barney’s eyes are light-sensitive and adjust to changes in lighting.”

Microsoft KB161129 – “Kitchen: Known Content Errors”
“When you make a drink that contains only dry ingredients and then save it, if you remake it, the last prompt tells you to “Pour drink in glass and enjoy!” You can’t click on the glass or feed the drink to Taste Test.”

Compaq FAQ2859 – “Where do I find the ‘Any’ key on my keyboard?”
No comment on this one…

Apple 301920 – “Stay away from the SyncServices folder”
“As if it were a swarm of bees, you should stay away from the SyncServices folder in Mac OS X 10.4.”

Microsoft KB178748 – “Security Administrator Tool causes high memory use in WUSER32”
“SATAN will attempt to access many UDP and TCP ports across the network in a very short space of time.”

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