Adding a 2nd Extension on a phone in NBX

This will allow you to add a 2nd extension to a phone on your NBX system.  For example, you could have an operator setup (who normally does not have voicemail), and add a 2nd extension to the phone that is voicemail enabled.  This will still ring the phone as normal, unlike using phantom extensions with line appearance buttons.  To do this, you will need 2 licenses – a Group 1 license for a phantom device we will be creating, and the appropriate license for whatever ‘real’ phone you will be using.

In this example, I will add a 2nd extension (1101) to an existing operator phone at ext 1000.

To create the phantom device, go into the Devices portion of NetSet, and click Add. Set the phone type to ‘3101 Basic’, and enter a MAC address that does not conflict on the system.  The MAC must start with ’00:e0:bb’.  You can also assign the extension number here.  This will be the 2nd extension on the main phone.

Open the Button Mapping screen for ext 1000, and set a button to Bridged Ext, and enter 1101 in the field.  Set Ring to True.  Now, open the Button Mapping for ext 1101, and set the first 2 line buttons to Bridged Ext, and enter 1101 in the fields.  This will bridge the phone back to itself, and complete the process.

Now, dialing ext 1000 will ring the operator as normal, and follow whatever call coverage you have set on 1000.  Dialing 1101 will also ring the operator at 1000, but will follow call coverage for ext 1101.  You can edit coverage for 1101 thru the User Configuration screen.  If you enable VM on the 2nd line, you may want to add a MWI light in the button mappings for ext 1000.

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