‘enable’ Requires 200mg Caffeine

Here’s a quick refresher on why it’s a good idea to stay away from enable mode on routers before you’ve had a couple cups of coffee:

drvr-wifi#show flash
System flash directory:
File  Length   Name
  1   4707392  cxxxx-bnt-3mz.122-5f.bin
[4707456 bytes used, 3681152 available, 8388608 total]
8192K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)
drvr-wifi#delete cxxxx-bnt-3mz.122-5f.bin
Delete filename [cxxxx-bnt-3mz.122-5f.bin]?
Delete flash:cxxxx-bnt-3mz.122-5f.bin? [confirm]
drvr-wifi#copy tftp:// flash:cxxxx-bnt-3mz.122-5f.bin
Destination filename [cxxxx-bnt-3mz.122-5f.bin]?
Loading cxxxx-bnt-3mz.122-5f.bin from (via FastEthernet0): !
%Error copying tftp:// (Not enough space on device)
Proceed with reload? [confirm]
System Bootstrap, Version 12.0(3)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
Copyright (c) 1999 by cisco Systems, Inc.
C1700 platform with 32768 Kbytes of main memory
boot: cannot determine first file name on device "flash:"

For those of you not familiar with Cisco routers, what I inadvertently did was delete the firmware on the router, try to copy a new firmware to it, and missed the ‘Not enough space’ error that popped up. Upon reboot, the router couldn’t boot anymore and I was dropped to a rommon prompt.

For anyone else who might run into this, there is a handy guide on reflashing IOS from rommon and TFTP available at the Cisco Blog.

One response to “‘enable’ Requires 200mg Caffeine

  1. Oops! Bummer that you missed that prompt. It’s always a pain to recover from stuff like this. Great link though.