Minnesota Terminal Shutdown

Greetings from fabulous Edgerton, Wisconsin!  Thanks to the powers of snow and ice, this is where I am staying tonight.  There’s been anywhere from 4-8″ of snow along I-94 and I-90 today, and with night coming, its starting to freeze.

If you’re too lazy to click the Wiki link up above, it basically says that Edgerton is slightly larger than Fremont, and has just as lame of a claim to fame.  For claiming to be “Tobacco City USA”, I’m noticing a distinct lack of discount tobacco shops.  Admittedly, this is in the middle of the night and I’m not gonna go looking for them.  But you’d think they’d be all over the place with a name like that.

I finished shutting down the Minnesota terminal today, and am in the process of hauling all the equipment and paperwork back to GR.  Unlike the Ft. Wayne closing last week, this is going to be a single trip, and only needs a 16′ truck.  About half the staff was in the office today while I was closing it.  While they did try and put a cheerful face on, they did seem understandably bummed.  They seemed like nice people, and I hope they’ve got other jobs lined up.

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