LAN Party Reminder

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When:  1st weekend in January (for the calendar impaired, thats Jan 5th)
$10 dollars a head will get you dinner and  ‘Premium Hosted Fragfest Fun’, as well as full download access from the private archives.  Bring your own beverages, though some will be provided. The $10 is mandatory please, no moochers (you know who you are <ominous growl>)

Fot anyone who has not done this in a while: I provide tables and chairs, you bring the longest Cat5 cable you can, a power strip, and your PC.  No 21″ CRT’s please, bring an LCD if you have it.  Saves my tables that way =) Bring your rig ready to game with drivers and updates complete, and if you bring a virus there is a $25 dollar penalty. If we have to hose you off, there will be a $50 dollar penalty.

This LAN will be celebrating my 3rd (and final) child on the way as well, yahoo! 

One response to “LAN Party Reminder

  1. I will be there you crook! The 10 bones is bull-shit! I shall leechorz off u all! Really you guys play some stupid shit for the tourney.. . . .”oh lookey me, i play starz warz and shall use my force power to pownzer you off that cliff”. Seriously, let’s do some counter-strike or UT. Oh and chris, I went to founders last night so I’m primed and ready, bring the hose.