Michigan’s Primary Joke

Michigan had their primary election this past Tuesday.  When I voted at lunch, I was number 123 on the machine.  Fairly low turnout.  Part of the reason is the fact that both the Republican and Democratic National Committees decided to screw over Michigan voters just because Michigan moved up its primary election date.  That caused Iowa and New Hampshire to throw a fit and complain.

 As a result, the RNC stripped Michigan of half of its delegates, allowing only 30 instead of the normal 60.  If you voted Democratic, it was even worse.  Almost all candidates removed themselves from the ballot because the DNC is outright refusing to acknowledge Michigan’s primary.  Democrats had a choice between Clinton, and a few other trailing candidates.  Write-in votes for other candidates were not accepted, and voters were urged to vote ‘Uncommitted’ if they wished to vote for an unlisted candidate.

This is all a result of the few states who have ‘always been first’ in the nation to hold primaries or caucuses throwing a temper tantrum when some other states decided they wanted to be first for a change.  The end result is that thanks to the primarily two-party system we have here, a small group of people (the DNC and RNC) can decide whether or not your vote even counts in a primary election, based entirely on the actions of your state. 

When the primary is held shouldn’t matter whatsoever.  The national committees need to stop gaming the system for the most media exposure, and let the people decide which candidate is best qualified for the job, instead of hyping only a couple frontrunners and pretending like the others don’t exist.

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