Lan Party @ Jim’s

LAN at my place on July 26th now August 2nd, starting around noon.  $10 gets you gaming and food as always, make sure to RSVP below if you’re coming.  Being the first lan at the new house, this is also going to turn out to be a ‘Help Jim find out what outlets are on which circuits’ adventure, I’m sure.

I’m planning on burgers & brats, so if you want something else, post it in the comments.

A note on parking – My driveway can only hold about 5 cars, so anything beyond that, you will have to park on the street.  Parking is only on the west side of the street, just don’t block any driveways.

17 responses to “Lan Party @ Jim’s

  1. You should probably post your address.

  2. What’re you talking about? The address is right there, can’t you see it?

  3. Wow, a lan that someone else gets to clean up after??? Oh, I’m SO there! My wife is looking forward to it as well!

  4. Cool, LAN party. does that 5 cars in the driveway include the use of the garage?

  5. pointlessone

    Days off confirmed, I’m in

  6. Confirmed with Grifter’s wife. possible special surprise. Also, half a gallon of Quervo on the way!

  7. I have much Quervo as well! Does this mean that is it ‘On’ ?

  8. ‘Special surprise’? What?

  9. The wife and I are planning on coming…still trying to get a firm answer from Kyle…hope you all are bringing along your UPS…or that Pablo knows his circuit limitations LOL

  10. Fran & Steve

    Steve and I will be there. We’ll bring some Dew and some kind of snacks, although I don’t think it’ll be as awesome as the beef jerky we brought to the last LAN.
    We will probably need a place to crash.

  11. Awesome! Bring an inflatable mattress or sleeping bag if ya can.

  12. I’m the gayest of the gays that is. Check my website. Click my name. Dooo it. DOOOOOO EEEEETT.

  13. Somebody will definitely get it for that background on my laptop.

  14. Wasn’t me! I was passed out!

  15. pointlessone

    I know the secret of the laptop tomfoolery, and I wasn’t even there. Bribes can be submitted in person.

  16. Dave, quit trying to get a hummer….