Replacing the Washer Reservoir on a 99 Durango

If you ever need to replace the tank or pump on your Durango, here’s how to disconnect and remove it.

Disconnect the negative lead from the battery.  You’ll need to remove the air filter housing.  It’s held on with 2 bolts, one on a bracket on the passenger-side fender, and another inside the housing in a rubber shroud.  The one in the housing is a captive bolt, and shouldn’t be removed.

This will let you access the bolts holding the tank in place.  First, disconnect the low fluid sensor from the side of the tank.  Next, remove the 2 bolts on the top of the tank (they may be hidden under a wire bundle), and the 1 bolt on the inside of the wheel well.

The pump is located at the back of the tank, and has a power/control lead, and a tube leading up to the sprayers.  Removing the tube will leak washer fluid, but not much.  Remove the power lead from the pump, and you can pull the entire tank free.

Drain the remaining washer fluid into a container to refill it later. To remove the pump, turn it 1/4 turn counterclockwise, and pull it out.  To reinstall the new pump and tank, reverse the process.

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