Digital Fossil – ScriptUO

It’s funny how some files seem to follow you around without ever realizing it. You wouldn’t think twice about finding a photo over 10 years old, but somehow, finding a program I wrote over 10 years ago (11 I believe) is surprising.  Yes, I speak of course, of ScriptUO.

Back in the early days of UO, before samurai-land, Trammel, or even T2A. When UOAssist wasn’t around.  I put together a crude macroing program in VB6, and it worked great for the longest time.  I admit, it was also used for convincing the AllAdvantage toolbar that someone was at the PC (with a file called Microsoft Internet Explorer.txt open in Notepad).

Now you too can experience all the action of…macroing.  This file has survived easily a half dozen complete system formats and rebuilds, and refuses to die.  It does, however, refuse to run under 64-bit Vista (big surprise).

Quick rundown on how to use the program (it doesn’t work with UO anymore). Preferences should be self explanatory. Don’t turn on ‘Activate UO’ anymore. Commands use a 1-symbol prefix and an argument, with context help available:

  • ! – Types out the string provided, followed by Enter
  • @ – Sends control keys (I don’t remember what this did exactly…)
  • # – Waits x seconds before advancing to the next command
  • $ – Moves the mouse cursor to x (space) y coordinates
  • < ^ > – Sends a left, middle, or right-click
  • * – Loops the script and restarts from the beginning, always used as the last command

Since killing the program relied on the ‘feature’ of Win9x that froze all programs when you pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del, that’s the only way to stop the program once it is running.  Don’t run this on NT4 or newer, or it will happily take over the cursor even at the Unlock Computer screen.

Consider this public domain abandonware now. No source is available, I’m not responsible if it kills your system or molests your farm animals.

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