Lan Party – January 17

You know the drill.

Confirmed list:

Criff & GF, Heath & Leighann, Kyle,  Chris, Eric, Flander, Dave, Bret, Patrick, Murry & Tia, Daryl, maybe Stevie & Fran

‘Tournament’ game will be some old-school FPS, possibly Q3, with some new maps.  I’m tossing up a P4 mobo (no proc or ram) as a prize. Other games will probably be L4D, RA3, and NFS:UC.

Food will be provided, BYOB.

Its winter and parking absolutely sucks. If you’ve got 4WD, I’ll have the right-hand part of the driveway cleared as best I can. If you’re parking on the street, park on the opposite side from the house.

This is turning out larger than expected, so parking will likely be an issue.  Lets try to keep the driveway somewhat clear to begin with so people can pull in and unload their stuff. Street parking may be full.  Might have to end up shuttling some people around.

If you’re crashing at my place, bring a sleeping bag or cot or something, all my sleeping spots are taken.

There’s a good amount of snow expected Saturday. Drive careful.

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