Lan Party – January 17

You know the drill.

Confirmed list:

Criff & GF, Heath & Leighann, Kyle,  Chris, Eric, Flander, Dave, Bret, Patrick, Murry & Tia, Daryl, maybe Stevie & Fran

‘Tournament’ game will be some old-school FPS, possibly Q3, with some new maps.  I’m tossing up a P4 mobo (no proc or ram) as a prize. Other games will probably be L4D, RA3, and NFS:UC.

Food will be provided, BYOB.

Its winter and parking absolutely sucks. If you’ve got 4WD, I’ll have the right-hand part of the driveway cleared as best I can. If you’re parking on the street, park on the opposite side from the house.

This is turning out larger than expected, so parking will likely be an issue.  Lets try to keep the driveway somewhat clear to begin with so people can pull in and unload their stuff. Street parking may be full.  Might have to end up shuttling some people around.

If you’re crashing at my place, bring a sleeping bag or cot or something, all my sleeping spots are taken.

There’s a good amount of snow expected Saturday. Drive careful.

27 responses to “Lan Party – January 17

  1. Why the question on the date? I should be able to be there. All depends on if I have a job or not.

  2. Just tossin that out there, everyone I’ve talked to so far seems ok with it.

  3. Awesome, I will definitely be there!

  4. While I would love to come, we will have just started school again, and I will be teaching that weekend. Which I think this makes the last 3 that I haven’t been able to attend…that saddens me.

  5. Red Alert 3 will be played!!!

  6. I has a new computer, I’ll no longer take 5 minutes to load a map. Yay!

  7. Party on Wayne!

    Hrmmm…. Games. We need to try something a bit off from the norm FPS or RTS games. Maybe check out some GTA multiplayer.

    No matter what the game TekWarren must put up the Mini 9 as the prize!

  8. You are not worthy of the Mini9!

    I agree about the games…something new would be cool to throw in. To bad the new Diablo isn’t out yet.

  9. Your resident alcoholic will be in attendance (screaming and gnashing of teeth followed by Jim getting lynched for allowing this travesty).

    We should play a multiplayer game of Heroes of Might & Magic III, it should take the entire time and about half way through we’ll all be chewing our own arms off and force feeding it to the person next to us.

    I have Warhammer 40k and all expansions including the most recent soulstorm. It’s a great lan game as it’s quick.

    Counterstrike is always good.

    Unreal Tournament 1 !

    For my convenience and your safety, please only bring liquor in plastic containers, thank you.

  10. I’m keeping the darts away from you.

  11. Awwwwww, some host you are, darts are a critical element to my atmosphere of entertainment.

    That’s alright though, I heard a rumor that Chris was bringing the grey goose and I’m pretty sure they don’t put that in plastic bottles. . .. . . .

  12. Left 4 Dead would be a great game for the lan, I’d think.

  13. What time to congregate at your place?

  14. Start showing up noonish or shortly afterwards.

  15. That Left 4 Dead a good game? It seemed to get good reviews and I liked the CGW write up but haven’t played it.

  16. Roomate isnt coming, so you can take his name off the list.

  17. Hey all, my car was supposed to be fixed today but now it won’t be done until Monday.

    Could anyone be gracious enough to give me a ride over? I live right downtown, 7th and broadway near 131/196.

    If not I’ll try to work something out, but I figure someone might be coming from that vicinity.

  18. Wow the weather is sucking hardcore for this.

  19. LA and I came to the realization on the drive home last night (this morning) that there was more umm… man junk to be seen than girl junk… This is disturbing my friends!

  20. Tek, too true. Too true…

  21. drunk mooomoocow

    girl junk i am drunk i gotta get myself outta this funk.

  22. Any thoughts on the next Lan party?

  23. Nothing yet other than ‘when it gets warm again’

  24. It will be warm this weekend 🙂