Wyoming Police Citizen’s Academy – Week 1

I signed up to be part of the 19th Wyoming Police Citizen’s Academy, an 8 week outreach and community involvement class offered by the WPD. The offer came in with the quarterly water bill, and I thought it would be a good way to start being involved around Wyoming.

Week 1 covered introductions and an overview of the department. The class has 30 people in it, from all areas of Wyoming. Ages range from 18 to late 60s. After introductions, there was a tour of the building. The department moved into the new building in early 2000, just down the road from the old HQ and city offices. In addition to Wyoming, 911 dispatch for the city of Grandville is housed in the building. In addition to normal offices you’d expect, the building has several short-term holding cells (very spartan and very echoy), and a simulator room for weapons exercises.

Wyoming PD includes a K9 unit and a tactical (SWAT-style) unit. There are 88 sworn officers and 30 civilian personnel. As of 2007, the entry-level salary for an officer was $48,235, with time-and-a-half OT.

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