Installing Windows 7 – My Experience

Like a lot of people in the past week, I just installed Windows 7 at home.  I’m up and running now, but not without a few minor hiccups.

Windows 7 Home Premium would not do a seamless upgrade of my Vista Ultimate install.  I had to do backup my files and do a Custom upgrade.  The install process copied my Windows, Program Files, Program Files (x86) and Users folder to a Windows.old folder (hooray for another set of backups).

After the first reboot (and subsequent reboots during the install), if I left the DVD in the drive, I was presented with a boot menu that just said

Select CD-ROM Boot Type:

Yes, the 1 & 2 options were blank. I don’t recall the Vista install giving me the same issue.  I had to make sure to remove the DVD from the drive every time it rebooted during the install to get around this.

Once Win7 was installed (it took about an hour), I had no problems. The system did not install drivers for my video card, scanner, printer, or tablet. In the case of the scanner & printer, it did provide a direct download link to the drivers. The ATI drivers I had to download manually, which I would have anyways. The Wacom website said there were no drivers available for my tablet under Win7, so I used the Vista drivers and they seemed to work correctly.

Overall, the system feels a bit faster than Vista did, though that may just be because its a mostly clean install now. The swarm of UAC prompts that plagued Vista after install were nowhere to be found this time around, and I’ve only seen them come up during a couple of driver installations.

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