My name is Jim Olding.  I’m the Network Specialist for a national trucking company.  I have over 10 years of IT experience, starting from help desk and moving up through network administrator.  I have experience with Windows domain migrations (NT4 through 2008), Exchange management (5.5 through 2010), Linux, and corporate WAN (MPLS) structures & deployment.

SmashTech was started in 1999 while working my first job at an ISP help desk.  It’s gone through several forms over the years, starting from a homebrewed ASP/MS-Access blog engine (it is as horrible as it sounds), moving on to PostNuke, and finally settling on WordPress over the past few years.  The server itself is currently an IBM xSeries 346 with 8GB of RAM and a quad core Xeon at 3.4GHz.

This blog covers pretty much whatever happens to be on my mind at any moment.  If you’re looking for me online, you can usually find me going by the handles NinjaPablo or SmashTech.