Flak Monkey Lan Party

Alas, I have been bested once again in combat by Steve, whose skills with the flak cannon are indeed admirable. Steve won the UT2K4 tournament and got the prize of a dead laptop and a hammer. Pictures are up here.

NetStumbler 0.4.0

Heres for all you wardrivers: A new version of the popular wireless network discovery tool NetStumbler was released today. Updates include support for more wireless cards, ip address reporting, new scripting features, and several bug fixes. This is the first new release since late August of 2002, over a year and a half ago. A […]

W32.Cone.D Virus

W32.Cone is now at version D. Its another one of your typical spoof from address, harvest emails, and spread virus. Some messages that it generates actually admit to this though: Hi lucky, The attachment is a virus do not open it. I write it to say : we dont want islamic republic in IRAN! Im […]

Mr. Operator

Yes, genius. Call me before you call the person you want just so I can tell you if they are there or not. Actual phone transcript follows: “Hey Jim, its ___ in Minnesota. Is ___ there?” “Yes, shes here. Is she not answering her phone?” “Oh no, I havent tried yet. I was just calling […]

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