Lan Party Wrapup

Bryan won the Q3 Tournament. Bryan is a rail whore. 🙂 Well, ok, so you want a more in-depth wrapup. Fine, fine. All told, 12 people showed up – Me, Dave, Bryan, Stevie and his woman, Patrick, Bryan, Eric, Murry, Brandon, and Steve (P) and his woman. The main focus of the lan was the […]

Windows Source Leak?

If you’ve been keeping up on any forums, sites, or IRC channels, you know there is a rumor going around about a possible leak of WinNT/2K source code. Microsoft is investigating the claims. This could be a major blow to open source and to Microsoft. MS, because people may discover new security holes to exploit. […]

Caution: Exploding Whales

TAIPEI — A dead sperm whale being transported through Tainan City suddenly exploded yesterday, splattering cars and shops with blood and guts. The 17m, 45-tonne carcass was being taken on a flat-bed trailer-truck for an autopsy. “Because of the natural decomposing process, a lot of gases accumulated, and when the pressure build-up was too great, […]

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