Truck Plows Thru House

WFTV has a bit about a drunk driver not only driving into a house, but completely thru it. The vehicle finally came to a stop in the family pool. No injuries resulted from this. “FHP (Florida Highway Patrol) says, upon arrival, the female passenger was incoherent and topless, while Todd was apparently under the influence […]

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Serious Sam (PC)

Take some of the best graphics since Alice, throw in a lil Duke attitude, and all the frantic killing game style of Maximum Carnage and you get a pretty good idea of what Serious Sam is. Heres the basic storyline: the future, Earth is invaded by aliens, you go back in time to the alien […]

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X/1999 (VHS)

Earth is in a delicate balance, controlled by the dragons of Heaven and Earth. One boy, Kamui, can single-handedly decide the fate of the planet by siding with Heaven or Earth. As with most series like this, he of course, doesnt want to do either. I recently purchased X the movie, based on CLAMPs manga […]

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