MikeRoweSoft Shut Down

Mike Rowe, 17, of Victoria, Canada, got a package last week from Microsoft. In it, a 25 page document threatened legal action if the teen did not shut down www.mikerowesoft.com. Mike was debating on what to do when his story hit the AP and was soon on CNN, Fox, and other news outlets. Now, MikeRoweSoft.com […]

Gore Blames Global Warming for Cold Temps

All hail the Drudge Report, who feeds us with this news: Al Gore, fabled tree hugger and creator of the Internet, is giving a speech preaching the evils of global warming today. In New York City. Where the tempreture is a chilling 14� (-2� w/ wind chill). It is being described by many as one […]

Truck Plows Thru House

WFTV has a bit about a drunk driver not only driving into a house, but completely thru it. The vehicle finally came to a stop in the family pool. No injuries resulted from this. “FHP (Florida Highway Patrol) says, upon arrival, the female passenger was incoherent and topless, while Todd was apparently under the influence […]

Dean Campaign Threatens ABC

(newsflash from the holy Drudge Report) The Dean campaign managers threatened ABC News that they would be kicked off the campaign plane if they ran with a story about Deans Chief of Security being a wife abuser. “In his presidential campaign, and as governor of Vermont before that, Howard Dean has taken a tough, zero-tolerance […]

Design for 9/11 Memorial Chosen

(snagged from CBSNews) “A design consisting of two reflecting pools and a large grove of trees was chosen for the World Trade Center memorial after an eight-month competition that drew more than 5,000 entries from around the world, officials announced Tuesday.” The design was considered the long shot of the 3 finalist designs, and will […]

Woman Causes $128,300 in Parking Damages

(from Reuters) “A German woman caused more than 100,000 euros ($128,300) of damage when an attempt to back out of her spot in a parking garage ended with her car on its roof and four other vehicles damaged, police said Monday. Police said the woman reversed sharply out of her spot on the upper level […]

Wave Race: Blue Storm (GC)

I picked up Wave Race: Blue Storm for GameCube last night. So far, I am not impressed. Nintendo had a great opportunity to give some competition to Jet Moto and failed. Instead they released a mediocre game for a system that could do so much better. The graphics and sound arent that great. They went […]

Serious Sam (PC)

Take some of the best graphics since Alice, throw in a lil Duke attitude, and all the frantic killing game style of Maximum Carnage and you get a pretty good idea of what Serious Sam is. Heres the basic storyline: the future, Earth is invaded by aliens, you go back in time to the alien […]

X/1999 (VHS)

Earth is in a delicate balance, controlled by the dragons of Heaven and Earth. One boy, Kamui, can single-handedly decide the fate of the planet by siding with Heaven or Earth. As with most series like this, he of course, doesnt want to do either. I recently purchased X the movie, based on CLAMPs manga […]

Final Fantasy IX (PSX)

After being ungodly disappointed at Squares FF8, I was a bit skittish about 9. My worries were misplaced though. FF9 KICKS ASS (to put it bluntly). Square got their act together and did it right this time. I havent even passed the 1st disc so I cant pass judgement on the storyline (it seems very […]