Customers Told “You’re Too Fat”

(via Ananova) Pranksters in Troy, MI have managed to hijack the wireless frequency that a Burger King uses for its drive thru ordering. Customers ordering Coke have been told “We dont have Coke.” When they ask whats available, they reply with “We have nothing. Pull ahead.” The pranksters are using very profane language much of […]

Woman Sues for $162M Lotto

(found at A woman is suing to halt the payout of the $162M lottery win in Ohio because she says she lost the ticket. Rebecca Jemison turned in the winning ticket and has previous tickets showing she has played the same numbers in the past. Elecia Battle claims that she lost the ticket, and […]

It Ain’t So Britney!

(blatantly ripped from The Scotsman) Pop star Britney Spears was single again today after her spur-of-the-moment wedding to a childhood friend was annulled. Spears, 22, had been married to Jason Allen Alexander for just two days when she asked a judge in Nevada to annul the marriage to her “husband for a weekend”. Documents filed […]

Say It Ain’t So Britney

A sad day for fellow stalkers of the Madonna kissing, fake boobed, dirty girl Britney Spears. CNN is reporting that she married some hillbilly from Louisiana on Saturday. Now all we can hope for is that they make a video of the honeymoon for someone to steal and post on the internet. 🙁