The Sorry State of Updates

Automatic updates suck. While it is important to keep your OS and installed software up to date, everyone wants to do it ‘their way’, which usually ends up being annoying, pointless, and time consuming. I’ll start off with a couple pet peeves of mine, and then list some examples of how they could be better […]

Aliasing a Windows File Server

You’ve consolidated 2 servers down to 1 after hours. Great. Then you recreate all the file shares on the new server, and test mapping them using the new name. They work great. Then in a sudden flash of brilliance, you update DNS and WINS to point the old server name at the new server, so […]

‘Class Not Registered’ in VS2008 on x64

Took a while to figure this one out, but in hindsight, it’s painfully obvious. I switched from XP 32-bit to Win7 64-bit last week, and just got Visual Studio loaded back up. I opened up one of my projects, hit run, and started getting COM exceptions about a class not being registered. After a while, […]

Wyoming Police Citizen’s Academy – Week 7

Week 7 covered gangs and crisis negotiation, and was the last class in the academy (the 8th week was a graduation ceremony). It was also 2 weeks ago, so this is a bit overdue. Unfortunately, no slides were handed out for either one of these topics, so I am running off memory. Gangs are an issue […]

LAN Notice – Possible Virus

Just got a report of some computer herpes showing up after the LAN. Make sure to scan your machines and run anti-virus if you aren’t already. Microsoft Security Essentials does a good job, and is free as long as you’re running a legit version of Windows (which you all are, aren’t you?) Just FYI, neither […]

Wyoming Police Citizen’s Academy – Week 6

Week 6 covered the K-9 unit and TACT (SWAT) unit. The K-9 unit currently has 4 dogs – Chico, Zeke, Arras, and Baron. All 4 are German Shepards, except for Arras, who is 1/2 Malinois. The dogs range in age from 3 to 5 1/2, and in price from $4500 to $9000. Dogs primarily come […]

Installing Windows 7 – My Experience

Like a lot of people in the past week, I just installed Windows 7 at home.  I’m up and running now, but not without a few minor hiccups. Windows 7 Home Premium would not do a seamless upgrade of my Vista Ultimate install.  I had to do backup my files and do a Custom upgrade.  […]

Wyoming Police Citizen’s Academy – Week 5

Really, I didn’t forget about it. There was no session last week, and its been a bit hectic. Week 5 covered the detective bureau’s operations and the technical support unit (CSI). Wyoming PD has 8 general detectives, 1 dedicated to auto theft, 5 total for the metro area fraud team (Wyoming, GR, Kentwood, and Kent […]

Wyoming Police Citizens Academy – Week 4

Week 4 of the Citizens Academy covered community services and police training. WPD is involved in a number of programs in the community. There are several national programs, such as the National Night Out, and the Neighborhood Watch. There are also programs such as the Metro High School Police Academy (a 50 hour condensed version […]

Wyoming Police Citizen’s Academy – Week 3

Week 3 of the academy covered information services & communications. Wyoming Police responded to over 42,800 calls in 2008. Each of these calls ends up having a report, and information services is the department that handles storing, indexing, and retrieving these documents. Like most document indexing systems, everything has a key field it is tied […]