Wyoming Police Citizen’s Academy – Week 1

I signed up to be part of the 19th Wyoming Police Citizen’s Academy, an 8 week outreach and community involvement class offered by the WPD. The offer came in with the quarterly water bill, and I thought it would be a good way to start being involved around Wyoming. Week 1 covered introductions and an […]

Wyoming Police Citizen’s Academy – Week 2

Week 2 of the Citizen’s Academy covered patrols and traffic enforcement. Considering the size of Wyoming, there are usually only 6 or 7 cars on patrol per shift.  WPD is somewhat below the national average for officers per 1000 citizens, and that number will only continue to get worse with the retirement of the Deputy […]

Cheese with that Whine?

If you are reading the blog of a Microsoft developer, you shouldn’t be surprised when he posts examples using Bing. While I’m all for open source, and convincing people to switch, an MS blog probably isn’t the place to complain that Bing throws a warning in Konquerer and that Google Maps “just works”, especially when […]

LAN Party – Nov 7

FYI for those of you not on Facebook. Nov 7, LAN, my place. No charge. Look me up on Facebook if you haven’t already, and I’ll send you the invite, or you can just post here.

Sony Drops Linux Support on Slim PS3

With the release of the PS3 Slim, Sony has announced that the new SKU will no longer support the ‘Other OS’ install option. It is going the way of PS2 support before it, and being cut in the name of cost savings. Sure, Linux on the PS3 was crippled under a hypervisor which prevented direct […]

When All You Have is Document Imaging…

…everything looks like a document. I was surprised, to say the least, to learn that one of the salesmen for Flowerco, after having his computer replaced, wanted access to the legacy document imaging system (which we’ll call FileMania). It was my assumption that FileMania was only used for some billing and insurance paperwork, not anything […]

Ubuntu Media Center PC

I finally had it with Vista on my media center PC. Slow startups, it never saved my resolution for the TV correctly, and frequently locked up while loading videos. It’d been a while since I tried Ubuntu (normally I use Fedora), so I decided to load up Jaunty and see how it worked. First, the […]

Rebuilding Software RAID5 on an Atom

The replacement drive for my 1TB RAID5 finally came in last night. I had never actually had to do a rebuild with the md toolset before (I’ve always had hardware support in the past). I wasn’t able to find any rebuild option in OpenFiler’s web interface, so I ssh’ed in. First, I looked at the […]

Sysadmin Appreciation Day – July 31st

System Administrator Appreciation Day is July 31st. Stop by your sysadmin’s desk (heck, any of your IT department’s desks) and show your appreciation. Without them, you probably couldn’t get any work done, wouldn’t be able to get paid, and wouldn’t be able to get those funny pictures of ‘I can haz cheezburger’ cats in your […]

Pad a Numeric Field with 0 in DB2

Say you’re storing a time in a 6 position numeric field in DB2 (in HHMMSS format), and you need to pull the hour. SUBSTR(FIELD,1,2) will work great as long as the time is 10am or later, but before that, you’ll start pulling weird times like 91:00. This is because SUBSTR does not pad a numeric […]