Unscheduling a Next-Boot chkdsk

Well, this could have caused some delays in the next reboot of the file server. I scheduled a chkdsk on a 1.5TB array. And unfortunately, Windows doesn’t provide any nice ‘Cancel Scheduled chkdsk’ button. A quick search turned up the chkntfs /x f: command. Upon further reading, this is __not __what you want to do. chkntfs /x will flag that drive to never be scanned, even if it is ‘dirty’.

You’ll want to open up RegEdit, go to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Session Manager, and look for the REG_MULTI_SZ named BootExecute. Edit that key and remove all the lines except autocheck autochk *

This will set the system back to the default method of scanning a drive only if the NTFS dirty bit is flagged.